Instant original Samsung UnLock - NCK - Network Code Keys and UnFreeze - MCK codes. No waiting, no generators, no problems.

Search for individual users. Registered users need to login.

IMEI is unique number that consists of 15 digits and is usually found under the battery or on Android phones there should be information about IMEI under

Settings -> About phone -> Status

Under the battery there must be a sticker with IMEI

We provide original Samsung UnLock - NCK and UnFreez - MCK codes.

No generators are involved, no all in one solutions, just real legit codes generated at time of phone locking.

Those of you that are in need of these codes can gain access like
  • Individual users (search is on the right or in the top menu) - no personal info of any kind is saved in the search
  • Registered users with user history and balance status
  • API access for those more psyched :) and same web administration as mentioned above

So, check if we have the keys to your IMEI or request registration for long term partnership.


Things we do not need or save
  • We do not need your personal information - we are not in that business
  • We do not need your old mobile carrier - we do not need nor do we care
  • We do not need to know where you bought your device
  • We do not need to know where you are going
  • We do not save your IMEI - we already have them :)

Unlock terminology:

  • UnLock = NCK
  • NCK = Network Code Key
This code you need to unlock your phone / device.

  • UnFreez = MCK
  • MCK = Master Code Key
This you need if you do something wrong to unfreeze your phone / device.